Walk to Andrewsfield

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The walk to Andrewsfield is easy, and there's a coffee or beer waiting at the other end for you. Dogs are also very welcome. As you walk the path between the fields look out for the rare treat of spotting herds of deer.

The Millibar is open from 8:30 am till 9 pm daily and serves breakfast till noon, and lunch until 3 pm. There are snacks, such as sausage rolls, cakes and nuts available once the kitchen has closed.


The bar only accepts cash, so don't be disappointed by walking all the way there with only a card in your pocket.

It's a great place to spend the afternoon relaxing and watching the small planes come and go.

The airfield also offers flying lessons and has a reputation for the quality of their instruction.

Dogs are welcome as long as they kept on a lead and under control. They tend to get a very warm welcome from the regulars at the bar.

Take a torch with you just in case you leave later than you intended. There is an alternative route back to Golden Grove, but it's a busy and very small lane, so make sure you are visible.

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