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Monday, 12 February 2018

Relax at Andrewsfield

After a long day, one of our favourite places to go is Andrews Airfield, just a short walk from Golden Grove.

With a cup of tea and a piece of cake you can watch light aircraft take off and land on the grass runway. There's also a bar open daily until 9pm.

Andrewsfield was built by the Americans during WW2, named after the American General Andrews. With a visit, you may even learn to fly!

Download the walking map to Andrewsfield.

Friday, 02 February 2018

Welcome the new calves

Calving season is well underway.

Rob and Stephen are doing an amazing job of making sure our small suckler herd are keeping warm and cosy despite the recent bad weather. With daily top up bedding of straw and a constant supply of silage, this is their routine for the next few months.

Calving can happen any time of the day and night. A few days ago we had a mother give birth to twins and alas one was rejected. Fortunately it had a little of the life giving colostrum and then it was a mad dash to make up some powdered milk. It has survived so far and is now under the watchful care and being hand reared. A time consuming job but like having a new born child it needs regular feeding and plenty of attention so eventually it can join the herd again.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Arsonists threaten life and destroy property

Sunday rant: Thank you to the wonderful firemen who helped our neighbours George and Margaret deal with an arsonist attack at midnight last night.

It was a long and terrible night which meant key machinery as well as hay and straw went up in flames. Now in the clear light of day we can see the damage but it is the smell which lingers that is the strongest reminder of last night.

How dare arsonists destroy other people’s property, livelihoods and threaten animals meters away with such insensitivity of the impact on other innocent lives.

Friday, 09 February 2018

Spring Is Coming!

It is always exciting to see the snowdrops pushing through the ground.

With the lengthening of afternoon - hurrah - it is prefect to have brisk, sunny walks around Golden Grove.

There are some great footpaths which we supply maps for you to use.

Lots of fresh air!

Wednesday, 06 December 2017

The last great landscape designer

2018 is the bicentenary of Humphry Repton, the last great landscape designer of the eighteenth century. Throughout the year, across the country, the Gardens Trust will be coordinating Repton 200 events, celebrating his work.

Repton was born in 1752 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, the very year that Saling Grove was built. After a few years of career stop starts, he set himself up as a landscape gardener. He went on to design several hundred English landscapes and gardens becoming a worthy successor to the great Capability Brown.

His work can be seen at Sherringham Park in Norfolk, Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, Uppark House in West Sussex and many more.

Follow our website for more information about 2018 exhibitions, talks and study days.