Monday, 26 March 2018 14:37

Spring Lambing Update: The welcome of new arrivals

Lambs is one of the busiest times for a shepherd during a year. Sometimes we are lucky enough to see & if need be, help during the daytime. It is the unknown night time arrivals that concern us the most especially after the recent snow. 


It is only by walking the fields did we find a newly born lamb, abandoned by its mother in preference to its other sibling. Shivering with hypothermia from the snow and cold wind, it would not have survived another hour.

Fortunately we found her and knew that she had to get some colostrum insider her, which she did not get from her mother. This meant making some up. You need to mix some cows milk, whole egg, glucose syrup and castor oil.

A quick trip to the supermarket meant we had everything apart from the castor oil. Some lateral thinking meant replacing it with cod liver oil. Whatever it tasted like, ‘Boudiaca’ took to it and is now on a regular milk feeding rota with Lamlac, the ewe milk replacement.

We are fortunate to have in the nearby village of Stebbing, the excellent family-run Hornsea Animal Feeds Store. We recommend it for all your dog, cat and sheep needs!

The personality of ‘Boudi’ is definitely coming out now that she is a couple of weeks old. She remains inside until we are certain that she is fully recovered. We have four orphans this season, so with regular care and feeding we hope to introduce them back to the flock soon.

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