Tuesday, 09 January 2018 14:01

Top tips for Caravanners: How to survive the Winter cold

Managing a small caravan site, that is open all year round, I know that winter touring is not for the faint hearted.

Based on numerous conversations and troubleshooting ideas, here are some the top tips for your winter caravan adventure!  


Tip 1: Extra Water

When temperatures fall like they have this last weekend, always check you have a supply of fresh water as outside water supply taps and pipes can freeze. If in doubt, pop along to the nearby supermarket and buy the large 4-8ltr bottles.

Tip 2: Full Gas bottle

Before you leave home, double check you have a full gas bottles, so if you were stranded, snowed in or unable to reach the caravan site, at least you can stay warm along with your double ration of Kendle Mint cake and McVite’s Digestives like Scott of the Artic!

Tip 3: Snow Chains

Driving in snowy or icy conditions is never recommended, but if you are brave enough drive slowly and carefully especially on smaller roads that have not been gritted. With the additional weight behind you, we aware braking distances are longer. With this in mind, have some snow chains for extra grip. If you are travelling further afield on the Continent is it a legal requirement.

Tip 4: Layering

As my father used to say, put an extra jumper on! Remember to pack warm clothes that will allow you to wear extra layers and trap the body heat. Just like when you were a child...hats, scarves, gloves. Also consider buying a thicker sleeping bags for the winter months.

Tip 5: Tennis ball!

Thank you to Peter Kent, for this idea…Wrap a tennis ball in cling film or a clean plastic bag and to place in you fresh water carrier. The tennis ball will floating on the top of the water, so if it freezes over night, you can lift it out and have a little gap to slide your water pump into in the morning.

If you have any other suggestions for fellow caravanners, please let us know.

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